Bunnystyle is #1! USA!

Sleepless (ft Anthony for Cleapatra) - Flume

Trimensional - Ssaliva

To Me - Ifan Dafydd

Moments (ft. Py) - Lapalux

I Match - Mouse On Mars

Fire - Ruins

Implication - Crackazat

The Comeback - PillowTalk

My Ways - The Concretes

PPPoney - Kid A

 - Tanlines

Everyone else is two or more! Doc Sleep:

Lay Your Cards Out - Polica

Halo (feat. Abigail Wiles) - Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka

Aura Go (run rock dub) - Jee Day

Inurface (stereo gamous remix) - Suspect

Immune - Bodycode

Life Aquatic - Smallpeople

In Due Time - Marcellus Pittman

Love is the Drug (Todd Terje disco dub) - Roxy Music

Let Life Dance Thru You (spada remix) - Minilogue

UHF - Recloose


Doc Rockin’ Beats:

Charlottenburg - Benjamin Damage and Doc Danekka

Water (Bicep Remix) - Blondes

Azure - Paul Kalkbrenner

The Slump - Pariah

Untitled (how does it feel L-Vis 1990) - D’Angelo

Paris is for Lovers My Love - Terranova

Ghetto Kraviz - Nina Kraviz

Time and Space - Gerd

Only You (Louis Martinez remix) - Carl Taylor

Bass II Bass - Simon Garcia

Pyramid - Four Tet

BJ Dunnystyle!!

No Respect - Machinedrum

Swims - Boddika & Joy Orbison

A Night in Detroit - Jamie Grind

Say Arr Ee - Bullion

Hold On - Sbtrkt

Ash Tray Wasp - Burial

Goddess Eyes - Julia Holter

Shakes (DevonWho Remix) - Benito

MTI - Koraless

The Ongoing Significance of Steel and Flesh - Powell

Dive (Keep Shelley in Athens Remix) - Tycho

Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix) - Lucky Paul

Hung Markets  - Seams



Doc Sleep starts the Bleeps:

Fluxion - No Man is An Island

Basic Soul Unit - Come On

Lee Jones - Moment (George Fitzgerald Remix)

Tornado Wallace - Insect Overlords

Der Schnitt - Raukwost

Machinedrum - Van Vogue (raptor-dog squeeling excellence!)

Getting Me Down - Blawan

Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka - Creeper

Butch - Ice Cream (yummy!)

Mark Broom - Let’s Get Down

Nick Hoppner - A Peck and a Pawn 

Objekt - Porcupine

AFX - Analog Bubblebath

DJ Bunnystyle IS UP NOWWW - I just called him BJ Bunnystyle ah ha ha ha. New name. BJ DUNNYSTYLE

Jacques Greene - Arrow

Laurel Halo - Embassy

Patten - Fire Dream

Pete Swanson - Misery Beat

Shlohmo - When UU (Teebs Remix)

Sepalcure - Carrot Man

Ital - Doesn’t Matter If You Love Him

Bobby Browser - Always Many

Princeton - Florida (Cosmic Kids Remix)


Ok, we had some issues with the stream at the beginning of the show so we missed, well, the first hour. But here’s what we did get recorded:

**Dr. Sleep Hogs The Entire 2 Hours With Her Set**

Winter - Walter Carlos

Saturday Night - Herbie Hancock

Myrtle Avenue -  Floating Points

Listening Wind - Nasty Boots vs the Goat (FrequeNC Records)

The Cave Dweller Shuffle - Data Hata (FrequeNC Records)

Adrastea - $tinkworx (FrequeNC Records)

Cosmic Cruiser - Alan Hurst (FrequeNC Records)

Sweet Thing - Yaz

Dvarg - Jonsson/Alter

Life of Dubs - Tom Trago

**Bunnystyle’s Mini Set**

Double-Edged Sword - Tolga Fidan

USA Groove -RCMA

Darthouven Fishmen - Drexciya

Late Night Operation (Proper Villains and Mike Dexter Remix) - Machinedrum ft. Theophilus London


Coming off our fun show with DJ Campbell last week, we’re ready to play all the music we’ve bought in the new year. 

Bunnystyle is up first tonight!

Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns

Work Drugs - Rad Racer (Summer Heart Remix)

Joy Orbison - So Derobe

Byetone - T-E-L-E-G-R-A-M-M - 

Andy Stott - Passed Me By

World Tour - Sparks

Container - Dissolve

Dinky - Eeled

*Dr. Sleep*

Daphne Oram - Just for You (excerpt 1) and Eton 

Four Tet - Pyramid

Chicken Lips - Do It Proper (Maurice Fulton remix)

C.L.A.W.S. - (Discaire Records)

Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue

Drexciya - Bubble Metropolis

Morphosis - Too Far

Daphne Oram - Canadian Idyll

Cavalier - Napolitano

STL - Jungle Sometimes


Hello and Happy New Year! Today DJ Campbell, a Dots and Loops favorite, is back with us from London!


*Dr. Sleep*

Bang a Gong - Witch Queen

Somebody To Love - SalSoul Orchestra

Wear It Out - Stargard

All Night Thing - The Invisible Man’s Band

*DJ Campbell*

Thunder In My Heart - Leo Sayer

Mama’s Kick - All in One

Euro-Vision - Telex

Swamp Thing - The Grid

Louder (the hardwell remix) - DJ Fresh and Sian Evans

Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal

I Love You So - Cassius

Living on the Ceiling - Blancemange

Sign of the Times - The Belle Stars

Insane in the Brain - Prince Fatty

Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) -  Boards of Canada

Just Be Good to Me (BOunce Beats Remix) - The S.O.S Band

You Oughta Know - Das Racist

Boxer - Lovers

Lilyputt - Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny

You Make Me Like Charity - The Knife

Ooh Wee (remix by DJ Real Juicy) - Master P

Living In America - DJ Campbell Remix

Never Can Say Goodbye - Communards

Female of the Species - Space

Buzzin’ - Mann

Superbass (DJ Campbell “better than the original” remix)  - Nicki Minaj


I found an episode that we posted on Podomatic but never put on the blog. It’s our first recorded mix from Black Pancake Records. Enjoy!


Dr. Sleep rocks it first:

Com Truise - She Melts

TRG - Broken (Martyn’s DCM Mix)

James Blake & Bon Iver - Fall Creek Boys Choir

The Off Key Hat - Emergency Calling

Ron Basejam - Looter

FaltyDL - Atlantis

San Laurentino - Traces

Bryan Ferry - Alphaville (Todd Terje edit)

Dorisburg - Tundra

Floating Points - Arp3

Levon Vincent - Impressions of a Rainstorm

Bunnystyle wraps it up:

As Young As Yesterday - Korallreven

Love On A Mountaintop (Cos/Mes remix) - Seahawks

Let You No - Kingdom

Karawane - Escort

Let’s Do It Again - Great Weekend

Two Different Ways (second way) - Factory Floor

Apart - Balam Acab

Why Don’t You? - ELOQ

See You Hurry (Twin Shadow Remix) - WIM

Flying Dream - Ford and Lopatin and Tamaryn


*Dr. Sleep*

Agoria - Little Shaman

Tama Sumo and Prosumer - Brothers, Sisters

The Snuff Crew - Straighter

Francis Harris - lostfound (matthew herbert’s Let Yourself Go mix)

Legowelt - Sark Island Acid

Isolee - Thirteen times an hour

Steffi - Sadness

Move D  - Theo

C.L.A.W.S. - Glass Monkey (Discaire Record)

Pebble and Green - Right Here (Emotional II Mix)

Robert Owens - One Body (Kaine Interpretation)

Octo Octa - I’m Trying

Matthew Herbert - Mistakes (housey housey version)

*DJ Bunnystyle*

Leo Zero - Moosick

Through Thorns To The Stars - Dubka

What’s My Return On Love - Ocie III

Sunshinin’ - Rogue Vogue

First Choice - Love Thang (Tee Scott Remix)

S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me (Vocal Mix)


We decided to update the blog tonight *surprise*! If I am not too busy finishing off these ju ju fish, I’ll keep you updated on the songs we’re playing.


Bunnystyle is up first!

Act Like You Know - Fat Larry’s Band

Magic Milk (Beautiful Swimmers Coconut Dub) - The Soft Rocks

Joey Rogers (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix) - Ford & Lopatin

Little By Little (Caribou Rmx) - Radiohead

Excited - Beautiful Swimmers

NYC Moombahton - Sabo

Wings of Fire - Dennis Coffey (wow that was epic, or something)

Back To Me - 6th Borough Project

Poolside - Take Me home

Dr. Sleep Takes Us On Home:

Kano - I’m Ready

Moodyman - Sunday Morning

John Daly - Aurora

Andy Vaz - The Y Theme

Jacob Korn - Sundaysun (dexter remix)

Aphex Twin - Xtal

George Fitzgerald - Feel Like

Isole - Taktell

Agoria - Little Shaman

Octo Octa - I’m Trying


Hi everyone,

We’re getting settled in at Black Pancake Records and we’re having a great time. Check out out Episode 6 from November 30th - and head to our podomatic page to subscribe!